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Meeting Coach O, Swimming With Marrone, and Caps Year: Remembering Grit Week 2018

Pardon My Take's Grit Week nostalgia continues this week with a look back at 2018's run. It featured big Cat and PFT's first in-person meeting with Coach O, a collab with Bruce Arians, swimming in Jacksonville with Doug Marrone, plus the #CapsYear down in Tampa. Let's start off with a legend (and reigning National Champion) in Baton Rouge:

However, we must admit that the legendary quotes are nothing compared to his legendary giggle...

Mike the Tiger lining up in the LSU backfield? Look out, SEC!

Next stop: Atlantawhere we caught up with Bucs HC (and QB whisperer) Bruce Arians...

And who could forget just casually putting together a music video during the road trip as well?

It was then off to the Sunshine State, where the squad kicked things off in DUUUUUVALLLL, aka Jacksonville, with Doug Marrone.

Care for a little swim? We had the stadium pool all to ourselves with the head honcho down in JAX...

It's also not a trip to Jacksonville without our BOAT! Blake Bortles had taken the Jags within minutes of a Super Bowl appearance just three months before this. But he's still a champ in our eyes, and he joined us for a little Guys on Chicks action.

The trip then wrapped up in Tampa, where there was so much on the line. The Washington Capitals faced the Tampa Bay Lightning in the playoffs, and only one thing was on PFT's mind: Would this be the Caps year?

Answer: Yes. Sir.

And finally, we got to take home a souvenir with us. Introducing, the release of the CAR STICK!

There is no doubt that Grit Week 2018 had its moments that will live on forever. A full recap of the PMT crew's adventure is below...