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The Chances of The Cowboys Trading Gallup for Jamal Adams Are

For the umpteenth time this year, we're hearing more rumblings of Jamal Adams to the Cowboys. 

This time instead of straight picks, we're hearing Michael Gallup plus a 1st round pick for Adams? 


For those (like Stephen A Smith) who confuse Michael Gallup for some scrub like Terrence Williams, let me acquaint you with the facts. 

Michael Gallup is not some random third year, third option receiver. He is one of the top two receivers taken in the 2018 draft. In his second year in the league, he had over 1100 yards and 6 TDs. He had some MONSTER games when either Amari was hurt, was double covered or simply played David Copperfield. The biggest issue that kept him from REALLY breaking out was his drops. I think that will be ironed out in year 3. 

By all accounts, Gallup is one of the budding stars in this league and an integral part of the Cowboys high octane offense moving forward. As good as CeeDee is and I think will be in the league, I'm not ready for him to be THE guy opposite of Amari on Day 1. Let him work in the slot to take Cobb's place and have a guy like Gallup there to be another big-play threat. 

If Gallup were to go to the Jets, he would IMMEDIATELY step in and be the number 1 receiving option in NY. That's how good he is.

Listen, I love Jamal Adams. The dude is special. This team NEEDS a safety and Adams is one of the best at his position. But, losing Gallup and gaining Adams does not in my opinion, equate to more wins. The Cowboys' identity is on the offensive side of the ball. Michael Gallup helps make their passing game elite. 

On top of that, Adams is going to need to be paid ELITE MONEY and FAST, and will look for an extension right away if traded. 

So getting rid of a top receiver and a first-round pick? That shit makes ZERO sense. Even a straight-up trade Gallup for Adams (I know that sounds crazy)... I'll pass (pun intended).