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Barstool Hoops Mailbag: If It's Guaranteed College Hoops Starts On Time, But You Can ONLY Watch Your Rival, Do You Take The Deal?

It's been some time but we're bringing back the Basketball Mailbag. Shit, it can be about anything you want - college hoops, NBA, Draft, not even hoops if you want. We did this every Friday when we had basketball in our lives so we'll bring it back every once in a while. 

Such a great question to start this off with. It seems like we're getting college hoops on time, but obviously no guarantee just yet. But let's say there's a guarantee that you get college hoops on time but you can ONLY watch your rival, are you taking the deal? 

So for me it's obviously Louisville. The answer is absolutely, yes, no brainer. Would it suck? For sure. Might be difficult to do my job not actually watching games, but the point is I'm still watching something. The other thing is it's easy to watch a team you hate. You just root against them every game. At least I'm getting ACC games too. I get to see Louisville/Virginia, Duke, UNC, etc. That's not a bad deal. I also get the Kentucky game. Big win there. 


From a gambling standpoint there's very few things better than waking up to see you won a late night game or a game not on TV and you're just watching on gamecast. That would be a rush for an entire season. March would suck. I'd have to cheer for Louisville to lose in the national title game. But for a season? I'll be the hero here. 

No I don't think it's that weird considering the circumstances. There's not a date set that he has to announce so he can keep getting as much info as possible before making his decision. I still think he goes without a doubt. He's going to be a top-20 pick and I wouldn't be shocked if he ends up late lottery or just outside of it. He reminds me of a guy who is going to for sure be an All-Rookie Team and we ask how he fell. I love his game. 

Give me Coach Cal as a head coach with my assistants being Chris Beard, Luke Yaklich (defensive reasons) and Bob McKillop (offense). Feel like they'd all gel together pretty well too. I'll take those 4 guys as my staff. 


No pick from last year because we didn't have a bracket and that would have mattered as much as anything last year. As for the transfer? I'm all for it. There's no reason why college hoops transfers have to sit out. We don't have that in every sport. It makes no sense as to why we have it for college hoops. Let's not pretend like free agency already doesn't happe and same with tampering. Just let these guys have the same transfer rights as everyone else. 

A lot of obvious ones. Greg Gard, Tony Bennett (second half of the year), Steve Pikiell, Pat Chambers, Anthony Grant.

Because why not? He can get feedback and learn what he has to work on for his game. There are also other professional leagues that will pay him money. Perhaps he doesn't want to play college ball anymore. As long as you show up in shape for workouts (if there are any) you can get some real feedback. Just because someone underachieved in college doesn't mean putting their name in the draft means anything.


Assuming this happens: 

1. Michigan State 

2. Wisconsin

3. Rutgers

4. Michigan

5. Illinois

If Ayo comes back, Illinois would be 2 for me.