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Rob McElhenney Is An Absolute King

And THAT'S how you be a celebrity, folks!

There are so many reasons that copyright shit exists, 100% of them are too smart for me to understand, but it's just so dumb that some little playhouse can't do a performance of, like, RENT. That the local high school can't have the kids do Hamilton or some other interesting shit that would actually interest the kids and maybe find a few talented people who weren't interested in doing fuckin' Macbeth or Fiddler on the Roof.

Well, Rob McElhenney has come to the rescue and says fuck your copyright laws. Fuck your lawyers. Here's a tweet granting you permission to have a blast with one of the greatest episodes of television ever created. Don't even have to pay the troll toll to do it.

Still must pay the troll toll to get into the boy's hole though. That's expressed clearly.

PS - McElhenney no longer gets the (Mac from Sunny) tag. That's gotta feel good. Sunny was such a cult favorite for so long that even though they were massive stars in their world you'd still kinda need to explain who it was when having a conversation with a group of people. Not anymore. Rob McElhenney is a star and a king, and a king and a star.