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An All-Time Spinzone: Pamela Anderson Says She Didn't Make A Sex Tape, It Was A 'Compilation Of Vacations We Were Naked On'

[Source] - "That was not a sex tape," she said of the infamously leaked footage of her and Tommy. "It was a compilation of vacations that we were naked on."

If you're over the age of 30 you can close your eyes and picture the Pam Anderson/Tommy Lee sex tape. You know the boat. You know the footage. You remember downloading it on Kazaa and remembering how to delete history. It was, nay, it IS an iconic video. I'll argue it's a main reason the Internet is as big as it is. Feel like this is due to the Pam Anderson downloads. Before Kim and Ray J there was Pam and Tommy Lee. 

But this? This is a great spinzone. It's an all-time spinzone. No, it wasn't a sex tape, we were just on vacations and naked all the time. It just so happened to be on camera with some sucking and fucking. But it's not a sex tape. But this? This is a sex tape. (NSFW, but you're at home) 

Speaking of Kazaa and Limewire and Napster, there was nothing like that time. We were explaining it to some younger people on No Quitters (rate, review, subscribe)and how you had to download it and then use Winamp, which is a whole different thing just to listen to the music/watch porn. It was a simpler time despite it not being simple. There was nothing better than finding the right video that would download without anyone noticing and you'd get home from school and see it completed. 

Just as a reminder OG Pam was such a SMOKE