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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Man Who Made A Cardboard Sign Telling Elementary School Kids To "Shut the Fuck Up"?


OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A south Oklahoma City elementary graduation has upset a neighboring resident who claimed the celebration was too loud and the noise needed to stop.

The last day of class at Santa Fe South Spero Elementary School looked different this May. The school’s administration organized a drive-by summer send off party for nearly 500 students.

Parents and teachers decorated posters and cars, but not everyone was on board.

Listen, I'm all for these faux graduations, I actually like them. It's at least something for those who are graduating to celebrate during these unforeseen circumstances. From what it seems, most schools aren't having any sort of graduation ceremony - which they should honestly be celebrating because those ceremonies are just the absolute worst way to spend 3+ hours in the middle of spring. It's actually pretty nice.

That being said, this situation is so ridiculous on all accounts.

First of all, it's simply preposterous to have this kind of send-off for fucking elementary schoolers. What in the fuck are you celebrating? Like oh congrats you learned how to color inside the lines but you drool like your a leaky pipe...fucking amateur. It just feels a little far fetched to be holding a drive-by celebration for 500 kids who probably can't even tie their shoes.

The way neighboring Albert handled it could've been better.

“It was just constant air horns and honking,” Albert said.

Albert, who has lived directly across the street from the school for about a year, took a marker and cardboard and made his own sign.

“It said shut the [expletive] up,” Albert said.

He stuck it straight in his front yard so everyone could see.

“I just want them to shut up, just shut up!” Albert said.


The school tells KFOR the celebration lasted about 45 minutes.

While there is actually a small part of me that resonates with our friend Albert here, the rest of my body realizes how outlandish it is to tell a bunch of 7-year-olds to shut the fuck up. When I say that he could've handled the situation better, it really means he should've just not handled it at all. He should've just ate nothing but car horns for 45 minutes, then made his move of anger.  

Sure, I'd be furious that there are non stop horns going off at 10 AM just because little Timmy can finally go to the bathroom without adult supervision anymore but I'd be far too afraid of the backlash/confrontations that come with telling a bunch of kids to fuck off. Most normal people would just huff and puff around their house contemplating saying something/complaining but would ultimately decide it wasn't worth it.

There's just no possible way to win this battle if your Albert. It's the ultimate lose/lose situation. You could be the most correct person in the world, there's just no way to defeat angry parents. Lord only knows what type of hell, fire, and brimstone this man is being dragged through on the local Facebook page. 

Just all the more reason to not get involved in any sort of confrontation ever again.