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Aaron Judge's Girlfriend Gets Arrested for DUI and Tries to Play the 'Do You Know Who My Boyfriend Is?' Card. It Does Not Go Well

TMZ Aaron Judge's GF brought up her relationship with the Yankees star during a DUI arrest in February ... straight up asking officers during the stop, "Do you know who my boyfriend is?!"

It's all in new police video obtained by TMZ Sports ... which shows Judge's longtime GF, Samantha Bracksieck, name-dropping the NYY outfielder several times to arresting officers.

And, spoiler alert ... it didn't go so well for her.

Here's the deal ... the 26-year-old was pulled over at around midnight on Feb. 25 in Scottsdale, Ariz. after cops say they spotted her driving without her headlights on. ...

And, after they say she bombed the tests and blew a .12 ... they put the cuffs on her.

That's when Samantha became standoffish toward officers ... telling them, "Do you understand what you're doing right now?"

"I just need to get home," she added. "Do you know who my boyfriend is?!"


The officers responded, "We don't."

"This is going to be bad for me," Sam continued. "I'm just saying that right now."

Officers didn't even ask a follow-up and put her in the back of a squad car ... but that's when she pulled the Judge card a few more times to another cop.

"My boyfriend is not in a spot where I should be, like, having this happen," Bracksieck said. "He's like a public figure. So, like, me being arrested for, like, having two glasses of wine is not OK."

Bracksieck continued, "My boyfriend is in the spotlight of New York media in general. And, now here I am handcuffed here in Arizona ... like, that is not good."

I'm not here to give anyone life advice. If by the time you're an adult you haven't gotten the lecture about how you shouldn't drink and drive, you're way beyond the help of a goofy comedy sports and smut website and no warning from me is going to change your life. But you should not drink and then drive. 

I'm also not here to give legal advice. Though in about 15 years of working in a district court, the number of drunk driving cases I witnessed is easily in the upper 100s, approaching a thousand. And they're all more or less the same. I could not only prosecute one, I could act as the defense lawyer for one, and I could testify in one. In fact I have. And it was a Not Guilty. Just know that it is the ultimate "there but for the grace of God go I" crime. It's easy to go out to dinner or whatever, have a couple, think you're fine, but be over the legal limit. There are egregiously dangerous people on the road. There are also decent people from all walks of life and age groups who simply make a mistake. But you should not drink and then drive. 

However another thing you also most definitely not do, which is not a mistake and is very, very preventable, is play the "Don't you know who I am?" card. Or it's bastard child, the "Don't you know what powerful, influential person I am connected to card." There is not a douchier, smarmier, more obnoxious and condescending phrase in the English language. Not to mention, vaguely threatening. 

Nothing will go up a cop's ass faster than a suspect dropping the name-dropping bomb. First of all, it implies that you're so fucking recognizable that, not only should they know you by sight, they should be intimately familiar with who's in your family tree or who you're dating. Second, it can't be taken as any way other than the suggestion that, if the officers continue with the arrest, they're the ones who'll be in trouble. Like they'll have to answer to your uncle in the comptroller's office or your brother-in-law the famous actor or the middle of the Yankees batting order. Third, it's a way of saying "I have arrest immunity because I'm important. Go hassle some poor." Lastly, it's not doing you're famous connection any favors whatsoever.

So while I don't think we can judge Samantha Bracksieck too harshly and she's entitled to her day in court, we can convict her on about five counts of "Don't you know who I am?"-ing. And that I do not forgive.

P.S. These officers get an A+ for professionalism. This is how you conduct yourself in this situation. 

P.P.S. Take an Uber or a Lyft. You'll remember this blog and thank me.