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Barstool Casinos Presents: The Call Her Daddy Slot Machine (Canceled For Now)...(BACK ON)

These last couple months since the Penn deal went down I have been able to acquire exclusive "FIRST LOOKS" through a source within their HQ in Las Vegas. 

Please think Darren Rovell here when he shows a picture to something that has not come out yet, but is/was on the horizon:


Instead of random happenings in the sports world it will be my job to scoop the own company I work for with brand new features that will seen at assorted Penn National casinos throughout the United States very soon.

Unfortunately today's scoop on the 'Call Her Daddy' slot machine has been scrapped for now. They were set to go live on casino floors in March actually (just in time for Spring Break), but then COVID delayed the launch. Now with the murky future of the podcast it's unknown if these will ever see the light of day.

Now, I will tell you that it's a shame if we never get to see this slot machine go live. My source says it was a complete ground breaking slot that even had an interactive feature. 

The interactive feature was provided by a partnership with silicon wives where a prosthetic sex doll head popped out of the machine and sucked your cock every time you hit the 3 line "Gluck Gluck 9000" jackpot.

For context:

Now that would've made many people in America (other than Michael Angelo's Dad) say "Whoa! Mikey Boy"

As always I will keep you the people updated on any current or future casino projects as quite a few more rumors are currently bubbling.