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After An Exhausting 16 Straight Hours Of Live Battle, 5.5 Warzone Victories Were Guaranteed

A good, wholesome time had by all.  Kind of.  And why 5.5?  Because like a certified jabroni, we said after the 4th win that the 5th wouldn't count unless we got at least 1 slay.  So naturally, you can guess what happened.  Highlights below, victories ahoy.  Thanks to Dev, Blaise, TJ, Logan, Aaron, everyone else behind the scenes clipping their dicks off, and for the random Stoolies, Muj, Galvanize, Kayce, Captain Nat, Balls, Honk, and the fucking slay stud Tarik Cohen for coming along for the ride.  

Live now again.  Let's cook.  

PS - Balls and I are the best Billy Joel cover duo in the goddamn game.  Deal with it.