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Tyler Herro Rocking A Sweet Lloyd Christmas Haircut Is His Cockiest Move Yet

You're going to be shocked here but I LOVE it! Look good, feel good, play good Tyler! It's the perfect mix of Lloyd Christmas and Ronaldo: 

It's really a change from where he was from his last haircut in quarantine. I gotta give Herro credit, he knows how to keep his name in the news. He had this beauty recently: 

That's uh quite the difference between two haircuts. But the Lloyd Christmas? That's a power haircut. That's a guy who is ready to drop 20 and talk a bunch of shit. You don't fuck with a guy who is rocking the Lloyd Christmas/Ronaldo bowl cut look. That's the haircut of the No. 1 power guy in Miami. It's not Tua, it's not Ryan Fitzpatrick, it's not Jimmy Butler. No, no, my friends, it's Tyler Herro. 

I gotta know what his barber thought. Did he sit down and say 'give me this look' after getting braids? Did Katya Elise Henry play a role into this? Tyler just needs to know you can't triple stamp a double stamp.