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Wake Up With White Chocolate Reacting To His Own Highlights

Few things are more enjoyable than watching Jason Williams unleash magic with a basketball. I'd say one of those things would be seeing the man himself watch and talk through his own highlights which is what we have here. One of the most exciting players of his era and one of the most influential point guards maybe ever, I found every second of this video fascinating and knew it was the perfect way to start our day. You know how some people just have a cool factor? Well that's White Chocolate. Both in how he played and who he is as a person. I dunno if it's the accent or how he talks, but the man oozes coolness. 

I love how honest he was, I love how he opened up about the Bibby trade, and he does it all while coming off as a normal humble guy when in reality he's anything but. Sort of refreshing to see a guy like him have essentially zero ego. We all tried is moves in the 2000s growing up only to look a fraction as cool while failing miserably. A true 2000s legend in my mind, and one of the best to ever do it for sure.