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Quavo Huncho Graduates High School During The Quarantine And Migos Drop New Music To Celebrate



"Finally Can Say I Graduated High School Class Of QUARANTINE 2020 {fire flames emoji} {hard return} We Lit. Now What College Should I Go To? {monical man emoji} {hard return} And To Celebrate We Gonna Drop SMASH TONIGHT {fire flames emoji} {wavey wave emoji} BERKMAR HIGH NAWFSIDE BABY"


And if you're like "So, who is Quavo Huncho anyways?" I'd say the guy who's featured on the best song on Justin Bieber's last album and I didn't even listen to Justin Bieber's last album. I got that take from Connor "Big T" Knapp, who we all know, listened to Justin Bieber's last album. Here's the visuals for that one. 

The Migos and their management team know what they're doing. Coach K and Quality Control know black people love to celebrate graduations. Do you know how many cousins I've met for the first and only time at their graduation? And I'm currently following them on Facebook? At least 5. That's 5 different graduations I was dragged to and instructed to scream and clap when I hear this mystery relative's name for the first time in a hot, random, packed ass auditorium usually in another state. Graduations and the celebration of a black graduate is a big deal and should be in my opinion. Growing up I probably went to as many graduations as I did funerals, so it's nice to take the time out to celebrate an academic milestone like high school graduation.

Am I ignoring the fact that Quavious Keyate Marshall is a 29-year-old rapper graduating from high school, during the quarantine when the work could not have been as strenuous as it would have been, had he actually walked the halls of "BERKMAR HIGH NAWFSIDE"? Absolutely not. That's the genius in the marketing plan. Not only is it New Music Friday, but it's New Music Friday apparently during graduation season and we got a damn good reason to celebrate. 

The new track "Need It" is actually a first listen banger to me. Way better than the garbage "Give No Fxk" they put out with Young Thug and Travis Scott. Looks like the Migos are quarantined together and ready to drop a mixtape to hold fans over until their highly anticipated Culture III album is ready. The fact that Migos have a mixtape coming out makes me think they're releasing whatever right now to see what tracks make the album. Early bets are on "Need It" to make the cut for Culture III over any of the other songs they've put out in 2020. As Large would say, "No Cap."