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I Will Continue To Eat Strawberries Despite TikTok Revelations That Small Bugs Crawl On Them

A delicious strawberry is my top 1 fruit in the world. I guess bananas would be the only other competitor, but strawberries take home the title at the end of the day. Even better, chocolate covered strawberries are an all-time dessert menu option at weddings and other fancy events. At my Bar Mitzvah I had a chocolate fountain dedicated to covering all kinds of food in chocolate, primarily strawberries. 

Now we've got people on Tik Tok exposing strawberries to be gross and disgusting because they have tiny bugs crawling on them. Oh please. 

For sure it's an upsetting visual, but I'm 26 years old and have been eating strawberries my whole life. I'm still here and pretty healthy from what I gather. 

But the truth of the matter, some experts say, is these bugs are harmless, and they most likely exist on all your favorite fruits and vegetables.

"If you're eating fresh produce, you're eating bugs," Greg Loeb, an entomologist and professor at Cornell University, told CNN. "Sometimes we entomologists joke that, hey, it's just a little bit more protein."

The bugs are protein, says an entomologist from a CNN article. You're not going to be able to avoid eating this kind of stuff whether it's strawberries or another food. They're really tiny bugs that you'll never notice. There's one video with a centipede crawling out of it. Let's relax people, there's no centipedes in your strawberries. That was a fluke. Sure there may be small bugs crawling them, but that's normal. 

I'm not going to stop eating strawberries because TIK TOK said so. To zero surprise, the internet is freaking out about this. 

You know how much gross shit we encounter in our lives that we just brush on by? Look up how much wax is in your apple. Going to stop eating apples now? I bet all the food in your kitchen has some sort of contamination. If I showed you all the bacteria on random stuff you touched over the course of your day are you all of a sudden going to turn into Howard Hughes or Howie Mandel out of fear? Fuck no. That's no way to live your life.

I've had strawberries back for this long, I'm not quitting now. I'm no coward and I HATE bugs. This didn't make me flinch. You give me a chocolate covered strawberry that thing is in my stomach before you can finish asking the question. You don't want them? Fine, more for me.