Florida Mom Says She Loves Showering With Her 19 Year Old Daughter Every Morning - Needs To Be Arrested Immediately


However one mother has revealed she never stopped washing her daughter, who is now 19 years old, reports The Daily Star. The 55-year-old American parent, known only as Mary, appeared on TLC's reality TV show sMothered where she admitted to showering with her teenage daughter, Brittani, each morning.

Mary and Brittani live together in Jensen Beach, Florida and they say that their joint showers are the "best way to start the day".

Cops. Police. FBI. CIA. CTU. Jack Bauer. Someone get in there and take control of the situation. Prison. Immediate prison. I've never been more grossed out in my life. What the fuck is going on here? Why can't people just be a shred of normal? It's not hard to take a shower on your own. Letting your mom wash your hair for you when you're 19. NOPE. NOPE. NOPE.

Obviously the situation is different if she has issues, but the video is all about how she has a condition where she gets puberty super early. Obviously that sucks and makes you stand out at a young age, but why do we need to shower together at 19? I love that your mom is your best friend. Nothing wrong with that at all. My mom is the best person in the world, but you need to be taking your own showers.


We as a nation tend to freak out when we see parents kiss their kids on the lips. That shit is weird — looking right at you Tom Brady. Well, now we've got showering with your 19 year old daughter. I get grossed out just thinking about my parents having to help me bathe as a young kid. I know it's normal because they don't want us to drown and we don't know how to properly clean ourselves when we're super young, but it's still a bizarre visual. Part of every kid's growing up process is the willingness to shower alone all by themselves. It's a step in feeling like an adult. I couldn't wait to take that jump. What age is that for everyone? I don't know, 6 or 7? 10 at most? NOT two years before you're legally allowed to drink alcohol. 

Just when you think Florida can't out-do themselves we get a story like this. Place is just filled with aliens.

P.S. - If this story fucks up step mom, daughter, father, son porn for me I'm going to be furious. I might need the Men In Black flashy thing to reset my brain from this madness. I know this isn't step mom-step daughter and they're actually blood related but I'm still a little freaked out right now.