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You Get Free Chex Mix For Life, But Only Get One Kind....Which One Are You Picking?

I'm a big fan of Chex Mix. I think it's one of the most underrated snacks in the world. The question above is a tough one. 

Let's eliminate a few. 

Mini Breadstick: I didn't know that these were referred to mini breadsticks. I've never liked them. They aren't the worst in a Chex Mix bag, but I don't think I would notice if they were gone. 

Square & Circle Pretzel: I've never been a pretzel guy. I know some people love pretzels, but for me, they are irrelevant. I'll enjoy some pretzels from time to time, but I never get a Chex Mix bag for the pretzels. 

Wheat Chex: I don't think anybody would choose this option. Anybody that chooses wheat chex is a certified psychopath.

The final two. 

Rye Chip: I am a fan of rye chips. When you get a rye chip in a Chex Mix bag it, as they say, just slaps different. I didn't realize this was a controversial stance:

Corn Chex: This is the correct answer in my opinion to the question at hand. In a perfect world, you'd have a Chex Mix bag of just rye chips and corn chex.