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Somebody Paid NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS For a Mike Trout Baseball Card

The Action Network — The huge prices being paid for sports memorabilia continued on Wednesday as the first stage of a rescheduled auction closed.

The highest-priced item in the auction, conducted by Goldin Auctions, was a Mike Trout signed rookie chrome refractor. The amount paid for the card ($900,000) obliterated the record for the highest-priced modern-day baseball card and tied the record for the most expensive modern-day card ever — the LeBron James/Michael Jordan logoman card, sold in February 2020.

NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS for a card with a picture of Mike Trout on it. I don't like telling people what to spend their money on, because everybody has a thing — and obviously whoever bought this has plenty of disposable income to do whatever they want. I like to buy jerseys. Some people like shoes. But my goodness, paying nearly a million dollars for a baseball card has just never made a whole lot of sense to me.

Especially when you consider things like one of Kobe Bryant's championship rings and the shoes he wore in the clinching game of the 2001 NBA Finals sold in the same auction for $200,000 and $70,000, respectively. I would pay a lot more money for something like that than I would a Trout rookie card.

I'm sure it's actually a fine investment, given what that thing will probably be worth in a couple decades. I just can't get over the sticker price for a baseball card. Then again, I don't have a million dollars to spend on anything, so I'm not really the one to make a value judgment on that.


I hope the million-dollar baseball card makes this person very happy.