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There's No Way LeBron has Scored 1000 Points on Paul Pierce

That cannot be true. It just can't be.

For the unfamiliar, Romeo Travis played high school ball with LeBron. You'd expect him to say things like this, as part of being a good friend. But that 1,000 point figure was an exaggeration, right? No one will mistake him for a lockdown defender, but Pierce held his own defensively against LeBron over the course of his career. They had some real battles, and each won big games. But 1k points? On future first-ballot Basketball Hall of Famer Paul Ferdinand Pierce? No way!!!!


Shit. That's a lot of points. Handing someone precisely 36 points on eight different occasions is very rude. I couldn't believe my eyes so I needed something more concrete. I had to go to the numbers:

Oh no. 

39 games played multiplied by 29.3 PPG for LeBron comes to.....1,131 points. It's worse than I thought. Not only did he outshoot Pierce from the field comfortably on the way to those 1,131 points, but he outrebounded, out assisted, and doubled him up on steals and blocks. But a las, Pierce has the edge where it counts: Wins! And this is only the regular season so I'd bet the postseason would tell a similar tale.

Oh dear.

Another 30 games played multiplied by 29.1 PPG for LeBron gives us 873 postseason points. You mean to tell me that LeBron outshot Pierce from the field, had more rebounds/assists/blocks/steals but this time he has more wins too???

I am happy to say that we can put Mr. Romeo Travis' claims to bed as LeBron does not have 1,000 points on Paul Pierce. He has over 2,000 points on Paul Pierce (2004 to be exact). I have filed this away for future reference so you don't have to. Update your logs accordingly!