Self Absorbed Sports Writer Dennis Dodd Does The Impossible, Makes Me Side With Aaron Rodgers

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Well I didn’t think it was possible but Dennis Dodd has done it, he somehow has made me side with Aaron Rodgers. I may despise Aaron Rodgers and he may murder the Bears year in and year out but at the end of the day he isn’t an infantile self absorbed sports reporter, and there is nothing worse in the world that guy. Where do we draw the line Dennis? How about common sense. You’re butt hurt because Rodgers wouldn’t give you an interview and was on the floor? Get a fucking life dude. That is the whiniest dumbest argument I’ve ever seen. It’s a post game celebration and everyone is focused on Wisconsin going to the Final Four and you’ve somehow made this about yourself. It’s actually incredible that someone can be so tone deaf to how they sound. “Aaron Rodgers shouldn’t be in a position for us to be blown off”. Read that sentence again Dennis. Just as big as a loser as one can be. Hey Dennis, while we’re here, got any jaywalking infractions to report? Anyone fail to return a library book? How was the flight home today? See anyone board with an extra carry on? Happy to call 911 for you. Tool.





If The USBWAA does find something wrong with this can they theoretically ban Rodgers from NFL Games? Asking for myself.