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Don't Let Headlines Fool You, These Dak Rumors Are Bullshit

The offseason rumor mill is in full force and the latest "news" is that Dak Prescott turned down a 5-year $175 million deal and is asking for $45 million in his 5th year. 

Of course, that sent the world into a tailspin. EVERYONE has a take. 


I could just fill the blog with memes shitting on Dak Prescott for turning down this deal and having the AUDACITY to ask for an extra $10 MILLION on his last year. 

As usual though. We all just react without the facts.



This news is TOTAL BULLSHIT. 


If you've been really paying attention, the sticking point hasn't been the money, it's been the length of the deal. Dak doesn't want a 5-year deal under any circumstances. As you can see from my homie Jori, who has been in regular contact with Dak's agents as well as the Cowboys, "he's not entertaining offers of more than four years". 

So, if he doesn't want a fifth year at all, how could he be asking for a fifth-year at $45 million? 

Simple. He's not. 

Be smarter people. Don't believe everything you read.