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Is Tom Brady Exactly Like A Third World Dictator? Who's To Say?

(PFT) -- It’s the kind of stuff we’d laugh about if a third-world dictator were doing it. But since the biggest sports heroes in America basically have the same clout, why should they even consider commissioning a truly fair and balanced look at their lives, with the good highlighted and the bad not conveniently downplayed or couched in the least damaging way possible or perhaps even hidden from view entirely?

First thing's first, it's pretty funny that PFT doesn't make you think of Pro Football Talk anymore.

But, if I know anything about the internet, this take is about to get crucified. WHY would you want to watch a documentary about an athlete who has final say in the documentary when you'd laugh at the idea of Nicolas Maduro's take on Nicolas Maduro? Is it because one is just an athlete and the other is a dictator who has committed legitimate crimes against humanity? Are you able actually able to think of those as two completely different things, you pea brained idiot? 

However, I think it's fair to say that Tom Brady is in fact a third world dictator. He ruled football with an iron fist for two decades. He rose to power with a coup d'etat when the actual, elected leader was weak and never gave it back. He committed countless extrajudicial and public killings of players (Anthony Smith ring a bell) and reigned in the AFC East, an undoubtedly third world and war-torn region. Then when things were maybe getting a bit dangerous for him he left his constituents lost, and potentially rudderless, for beaches and sun. 

So yeah, I actually think comparing Tom Brady making a documentary to a third world dictator doing the same is actually a totally normal and rational take. 

PS - We were talking to Bill Burr yesterday (podcast out next week) and talking about the MJ doc and he made the point that he loves it BECAUSE Jordan gets final say. He said something to the affect of, "Reporters have been telling this guy's story for 30 years, why shouldn't he get to tell it how he wants it now?" And that was a great point from a smart man that I hadn't thought of.