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Whether You Like It Or Not Paul Pierce Is Your GOAT

What a redemption story! Yesterday the entire internet was clowning Pierce for leaving LeBron out of his Top 5 (myself included, come on Paul). Then we learned from Perk that the beef with LeBron started back in the preseason of 2004 when Pierce spat at LeBron and the Cavs bench. Another questionable move. Well today on the series finale of Game Of Zones we learned who the true GOAT is. The Truth. I don't just like it, I LOVE IT. I love how mad this is going to make the entire internet. If only the real Game Of Thrones had an ending as good as this. Big win for myself and every Celtics fan out there at a time when we could use one. As someone who has thoroughly enjoyed this series since it first started a few years ago, I have to admit I did not see this ending coming. The fact that this episode dropped just as all the shit with Pierce was going on might be my favorite part. That's destiny if I've ever seen it. 

I'm just glad this debate is finally settled once and for all. No more endless LeBron vs MJ debates. No more having to listen to Skip Bayless, it has officially been decided. I always thought "The Truth" was the perfect nickname for Pierce ever since Shaq first gave it to him but I can't lie, "The GOAT" has a much better ring to it. 

Now, cue the GOAT highlights!