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This Home Depot Paint Fight Is the Most Florida Confrontation to Ever Occur

These men at a Tampa, Florida Home Depot say you can take your "social distancing" and shove it, because it's paint fighting time.

I would say I have no idea how a paint fight erupts, but it's at a Florida Home Depot, so trying to make any sense of what you're seeing is an exercise in futility. I would, however, like some more background on Shovel Guy. Everybody else seems to understand that we're keeping this to paint cans only so everybody's home for dinner, but then Leroy Jenkins comes in there with a shovel ready to do some damage.

As fights go, this is at least only embarrassing and not too dangerous, I suppose.

New York Post — “The men all knew each other and worked together. They declined to press charges,” a spokeswoman for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office told The Post.

This was just your run-of-the-mill workplace misunderstanding. I'm sure one guy wanted the Benjamin Moore White Heron and the other wanted Sherwin-Williams Pure White, and before you know it, everybody's in a tizzy.

Let he among us who has not left Home Depot battered and covered in white paint cast the first stone.