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Announcement: I'm Also Going Pro

I was highly inspired by Caleb's decision to become a pro golfer yesterday. If you have a dream, you should always pursue it. Even if you fail to make that dream a reality, it will still feel better than the regret that would haunt you for the rest of your life if you didn't even try. 

Much like pretty much everyone else, I grew up dreaming about becoming a professional athlete. But as I got older I realized I was too small and too slow and just not nearly skilled enough to become one. That is, of course, until I found the sport of the future--Human Javelin. 

So from this point forward, I will be focusing the majority of my energy towards becoming a pro Human Javelin player. I mean I think I already have what it takes to get me there. I don't smoke cigarettes so my lung capacity is elite. And if these are the best Human Javelin players in the world right now, I already know I'm faster than all these knobs. But just because I think I already have what it takes to go pro doesn't mean I won't be grinding my fucking ass off every damn day to get there. Success isn't owned. It's leased. And rent is due every day.