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Tom Brady Playing Some Basketball With Michael Jordan Today In The Bahamas







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My friend posted this on Facebook. She was at the bakers bay ocean and golf course today and snapped this pic.

Unreal. Insanely jealous and thought I had to share.






What are the odds this ended in a fist fight? Kind of serious. You don’t put two of the greatest competitors the world has ever seen on the black top and expect them to play nice. Everyone at Bakers Bay was probably treated to the greatest trash talking pick-up game this world has ever seen even though it obviously ended with TB12 putting up 50 right in MJ’s eye.



PS – So disrespectful to step on the court with Jordan in J. Crew shorts. Bet that really rattled his cage.



Update: Looks like Keegan Bradley is out there too. I’d murder someone to be able to hoop it up with those 3 then go hit the links. Of course, we’d have to wait for Keegan’s ankle to heal after Tom shattered it on that cross-up.


Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 6.56.41 PM




Update 2 – I guess Tom and MJ are on the same team?!? Really disappointed with that. Too unfair. Brady and Jordan would beat the Monstars by 100. (also I laughed out loud when MJ was wet with that step back then called and1 on the resort employee guarding him)