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Confused How To Work Out In Quarantine? Let Smokeshow Agustina Gandolfo Show You Proper Technique

Quarantine is slowly coming to an end here. I know here in Cincinnati we have been able to go drink/eat on a patio for about a week now and today opened up for limited capacity indoor sitting. That means everyone who hasn't worked out yet is about to get hit with quarantine body in public. That is unless you follow Agustina Gandolfo. Does this look like someone who would mess up working out? I don't think so. 

We've talked about Agustina before when her boyfriend - Lautaro Martinez, a striker for Inter Milan - confirmed that their manager told them to have sex so they don't use too much energy. 

So now you have no excuse to not squeeze in a quick work out. In the mean time let Agustina inspire you