Why Does Giving Somebody The Middle Finger Feel So Good?

Okay so first and foremost, we're not talking about anything sexual here so get your mind out of the gutters. You wanna talk about that type of middle fingering, there's another website for ya. Heathens. 

But the middle finger, man. When all is said and done, it could easily go down as a top 10 invention of all time. The wheel, the light bulb, refrigerators, the internet, and....yeah. That's pretty much it. So actually, the middle finger is a top 5 invention of all time. 

It's just so unbelievably satisfying. All you do is make a fist, raise one of your fingers (specifically the middle one), and direct it towards another person and/or group of persons. And immediately you are overcome with a rush of euphoria. And much like the word "fuck", the middle finger presents itself as one of the most versatile hand gestures as you can deploy it on a variety of occasions. 

Obviously you can use it as a display of anger and hatred. But you can also use it in a jovial matter as well, demonstrating the type of relationship amongst your companions which accepts playful jabs at one another's expense from time to time. But naturally nothing can top the feeling of when the middle finger is used to display anger and frustration. It's as if that one finger becomes an atomic bomb which expresses a mushroom cloud of all the most diabolical things you wish you could do or say to that person, which your mind is not capable of vocalizing. And all you're doing is just holding out your fist with one of your fingers remaining extended. 

Thank god for the middle finger. I don't know where humanity would be without it.