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HUGE GET: TIGER Joins Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini's Running Club

Incredible work by the tiger. Anytime you can escape the likes of Carol Baskins and Joe Exotic, you absolutely have to do it. As a parent, do I like seeing a tiger on the loose in city streets? No. But I also dont like when people drive over 25mph in my neighborhood.  I guess that's just the cowboy in me. Not to mention that it's just part of living in the suburbs. Sometimes you have to deal with shit you don't like. That's that shit I dont like. 

What I do like is these cowboys' sense of fashion. Just absolutely dominating the cowboy look. Now, Im not sure if you're still considered to be all hat and no cattle if you dont have actual cattle but instead you have tigers. I think if you have any animal over 200lbs, you can be a cowboy but that's certainly up for discussion. What isnt up for discussion is the oversized polkadot look on my friend the vaquero. En Fuego. 


He's boots and chaps and cowboy hats... call this shit a cowboy rodeo el tigre edición.