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Kendrick Perkins Explains How Paul Pierce's Hate For LeBron Dates Back To Spitting On The Bench In 2004

OK so my man Perk here got a little mixed up. The Celts didn't play LeBron and the Cavs in his first ever preseason game in 2003. In fact, they didn't play against each other at all in the 2003 preseason. What they did do is play each other in the 2004 preseason. I'm sure LeBron did have a ton of hype heading into that game seeing as how ya know, he won ROY and was just as awesome as the hype led us to believe. I won't fault Perk for getting a little confused, shit was 16 years ago. Do you remember everything that happened 16 years ago in perfect fashion? I didn't think so.

I think we all knew Paul's list yesterday was personal and rather outrageous, but it's interesting to hear that he beef between the two really started in 2004 in that preseason game. I wonder why

I had forgotten about the story of Pierce spitting on the bench and getting fined 15k for it, and there are also reports out there that they almost got into a fight in the hallway. Brian Windhorst talked about that a few years ago

“Pierce scored twice in a row on James during the third quarter. On the second hoop, he used a crossover dribble to shake James on the way to the basket and let everyone know he’d just beaten the young kid.”

I know people love to clown on Pierce in 2020 because let's be honest he says some wild shit on TV, but back then and in his prime he and LeBron really had some battles. He was for sure a thorn in LeBron's side prior to him going to MIA. Then the Celts aged and LeBron turned into the thorn in Pierce's side. Their head to head battles were some all time great NBA moments, and it's not surprising to hear that Pierce was such a dick early on. That's the type of competitor he was and he more often than not he backed it up. Young Pierce loved talking shit. Remember what happened in the 2003 playoffs?

Listen, around these parts we all love a good grudge so while I sadly disagree with Pierce leaving LeBron out of his Top 5 all time, I can respect his ability to still hold that grudge. That's impressive. I would love for someone to ask Pierce about Perk's story and see how he reacts. 

Either way, this is why I love how Perk is getting more and more airtime. Incredible stories every time this man is put in from of a mic and I for one cannot get enough.