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A Karen Wears Facemask For "Probably 45-Min" And Goes On Facebook Live For A FULL Report/Meltdown

[Editor’s Note: This is solely a Clickbate Smits production. All about the content, pageviews, and jokes!]

KAREN!!!  She's right, ya know!!! What's the point of those masks if the "numbers" don't add up?!?!  Karen wore a one of those stupid things for probably 45-minutes (Editor's Note 2.0: HAMMERING less than 30 sec) and now she's crying because she can't see the faces of strangers and hold random babies! Damn you, Covid-19!  Damn you straight to hell! How DARE you take Karen away from her "Stories" (Days Of Our Lives) and scolding her kid's teachers because her children are too smart to be getting C's in class to express her frustrations on the Internet! On Facebook Live, no less! The esteemed platform that hosted highly acclaimed cancelled programs as a Drive Time Morning Show that couldn't be watched or listened to while driving and a nighttime dating show where its last Tweet by its main host was so very passive aggressive I'm shocked it didn't end the world years BEFORE Covid-19 even existed! Outrageous!!!


Anyways, you go girl!! Down with Covid-19!  Up with holding strangers babies!  KAREN!!!  

PS - Somebody please check in on Fortnight Boy and make sure he's OK while I'm pulling all of his PAGEVIEWS in for him with actual WORK and BLOGS!