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MJ's Trainer Said Jordan Would Make Everyone Order The Same Exact Food As Him After The Utah Pizza Incident

I couldn't be more intrigued with the pizza story from The Last Dance. It's actually one of the most talked about parts of the whole thing because it's one of the 'conspiracy theories' (for lack of a better word) that has lived in. Was he sick, was it food poisoning or was it a hangover? Everyone has a theory and we've heard a million different stories about it. 

But look at this! Tim Grover, Jordan's trainer, claims that everyone had to order the same exact thing as MJ after the Utah pizza incident.

We’d end up all ordering the same thing. Whatever he decided to eat, George had to order the same thing, I had to order the same thing. And it was kind of like playing Russian roulette. So we were just like, who’s going to pick what and see what happens? We kind of laughed it off. We kind of made fun of it afterwards.

Remember, just a couple days ago the guy who allegedly made the pizza for MJ in Utah said he was a Bulls fan! He even had money on them. It just put another wrench in the food poison argument: 

That said, I have zero doubts that what Grover is saying is true. Why? Because MJ is a lunatic and I could 100% see him saying they all have to order the same thing. At the same time if you're Grover or anyone in MJ's circle, you just do as he says. What are you going to do? Risk speaking up and go against him like Jim does to DeAngelo Vickers? 

I said it before but I don't know why they just don't admit it was a hangover. That would make the story 100x better than food poison or a flu. Hell the Flu Game doesn't even sound as good as The Bubble Guts Game which it apparently was. But if you told me Jordan hopped on a quick private plane ride to Vegas, gambled and caught a bit of a hangover or even just got drunk in his hotel it would be way better.