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Wake Up With Dontrelle Willis Hitting A Grand Slam Against The Mets

We need to talk about Dontrelle Willis and his dominance early on with the Marlins. D Train burst onto the scene and was a god damn legend for that time. NL Rookie Of The Year in 2003 with a 14-6 record, 3.30 ERA, 2 complete games, 142 Ks, a 1.282 WHIP, and a World Series win. But his 2005 season was by far his best career year, he finished second in the Cy Young voting, went 22-10, a tiny 2.63 ERA, 7 complete games, 170 Ks, and a 1.134 WHIP while making his second All Star appearance. But he could also swing the stick at the plate. Willis hit 9 homers in his career including this grand slam in Queens against the Mets. Like how funky his windup was, his swing was kinda weird too. Big old leg kick and he hacks at this pitch and sends it flying. He was such a spark plug for that young Marlins team, eventually he was traded to the Tigers with Miguel Cabrera in that blockbuster trade, but never found success anywhere else. After Detroit he went to Arizona and Cincy for a year and then was signed to a minor league deal with the Orioles, but he never reported to the minors and decided to bounce. When he was on, he was as fun to watch as you could get. A young guy who was exploding with excitement and a hell of a pitcher. I'm sure a ton of high school kids threw their backs out trying to replicate his delivery too, good luck with that.