Sweet, Sweet, Revenge! Gus Duggerton Takes Down (16) UCLA With Brand New Tennessee Squad


My, oh, my. If Game 1 of the 2017 Tennessee Volunteers schedule is any indication on what to expect this season, look out, college football world. 

Under first-year Head Coach Gus Duggerton, the Vols upset (16) UCLA, 55-28, in Knoxville on Wednesday night. Before we get into the highlights, it's important to welcome the offensive playmakers on this year's Tennessee squad:

QB: Caleb Pressley

RB: Rico Burgerton

RB: JoJo Smalls

WR: Dwayne Rogers Cole

WR: Deion Flash

WR: Vincent Moltisanti

TE: Pua Stubbs

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Each and every one of those guys stepped up in big time fashion tonight. And if QB Caleb Pressley can keep his play consistent, there is no reason to think he can't hear his name called in New York City while hoisting the Heisman Trophy.

It's not just the man under center who you have to watch out for. His receiving and tight end group is nothing short of fantastic. These guys are monsters.


There were a few blips on the resume for Pressley, but nothing significant enough to set the Vols back at all. One game, one win, one burger, one upset. 

The daunting schedule and revenge tour for Tennessee continues tomorrow night in Waco against Baylor, a team that also beat Coach Duggs' Texas Tech squad last year. 

You can watch every snap right here on the PMT Twitch feed: