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BOOM!! Bars and Restaurants Can Do Outdoor Patio/Seating Starting May 29th


Restaurants and bars can reopen for outdoor seating as soon as May 29, Gov. JB Pritzker said Wednesday. 

The announcement came after Pritzker said he consulted with public health officials about the risks for coronavirus transmission outdoors. Initially, bars and restaurants were not set to reopen until Phase 4 of the state’s reopening plan. 

Pritzker said he’ll work with mayors across the state to ensure bars and restaurants can get the permitting needed for additional outdoor seating. 

Bars and restaurants “were some of the first and hardest hit by this pandemic,” Pritzker said, and while indoor dining will not resume until Phase 4, he said outdoor seating will be permitted beginning May 29 — when Phase 3 begins.






See ya soon Declan's!!!! See ya soon Joe's!!! See ya soon all of Wells Street, Division Street, West Loop or wherever the fuck else we can get drunk on a patio!!! This news coming out is a just the jolt we needed. This summer was looking GRIM. No tailgating, maybe no bars, no nothing at all. But now, at the very least, we can at least chill and get straight up white girl wasted on a patio starting next week. Fucking awesome. 

It's funny though, I've saved a FUCK ton of money not spending 100s and 100s of dollars since St. Patrick's Day, but at the same time I cannot wait to drop a FUCK ton of money May 29th at Declan's. Just shots all around, vodka sodas being slung across tables, Miller Lites flowing like the salmons of Capistrano. It's going to be BIBLICAL. 


I'm ranting here, but I'm thinking out loud for both myself and everyone else that's been miserable over the course of this. Hopefully we hear that the MLBPA and MLB owners ink up in the next few days as well. Would be awesome to sit on Declan's patio and watch the Sox completely fucking waste the Cubs come July.

I'm drooling right now just thinking about all of this