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Who Asked for Humpday #Pickem? Well, You Got It!!!!

I've got good news and I've got bad news. Which would you like to hear first?

The bad news? Well, the bad news is that I've discovered that there are #pickems being formulated on Instagram. I was so lost in Twitter that I never even considered the undiscovered world of #pickem that awaited me.

The good news? The good news is that now I know there are several avenues to scratch my itch. I have a street team currently out scouring the internet to find me the best #pickems that $15 hypothetical money can buy. Let's dance.

Our friends over at Draft Capitol on IG hipped me to this latest one: Keep 1 QB, RB, WR & TE. Fantasy purposes only

I like the fantasy football wrinkle. Keeps it interesting.

QB Kyler Murray

Russ is comfortably the best QB here and Dak had the most total yards last season, but I'm going with Murray. For one, I'm banking on a sophomore leap from the #1 overall pick that will get him into the Fantasy Football Elite QB rankings with these vagabonds that were picked on Day 2 of the NFL Draft. Disgusting.


Also, I trust Kyler's coaching staff to get him into more positions to get me hypothetical fantasy points. Forgive me for not trusting Mike McCarthy in year one or Pete Carroll in year whatever of not letting Russell Wilson loose. He gets to throw to Deandre Hopkins now too, in case you didn't hear. Murray "only" threw for 3700 yards and 22 TDs last season but ran for 544 yards, with 27 first downs and 6 touchdowns. Wilson/Prescott combined for 619 rushing yards, 36 first downs, and 3 touchdowns. I think Murray's passing takes a big leap in year two, and he keeps with more of the same on the ground. He's my QB.

RB Alvin Kamara

Again, Henry is the best listed here but he's one dimensional. To his credit, he's very good at that one dimension (running people the fuck over). But give me Kamara, even after a down year. He scored 13 total TDs his rookie year, 18 his second year but only six last season. I think he bounces back in a contract year and puts up Christian McCaffrey light numbers in New Orleans this year.

WR Odell Beckham Jr

Ok, here I'm just going with the best WR listed. Juju and AJ Brown have each only had one good season, for varying reasons. Juju, because he was young and his QB situation was a mess last year. AJ Brown has only one good season, as he was a rookie and has only one season total. The math checks out. Even in Beckham's worst non-injury year, he went for over 1k yards on 14 YPC despite Baker Mayfield/Freddie Kitchens combining to sabotage that offense.

TE Mark Andrews

This one is a little riskier but at TE, I'm fine with rolling the dice. Ertz is the best and most proven of the three. Waller came out of nowhere with a 90 catch season, which could mean he's a one-year-wonder or on the verge of a breakout. Andrews followed a solid rookie year by catching 10 TDs his second year, tied for second-best in the league. He got far fewer targets than Waller or Ertz but scored more TDs than they did combined. I'm banking on another year where he may not get as many overall targets, but he gets the ones that count closer to the red zone/end zone.

Kyler Murray- Alvin Kamara- Odell Beckham Jr- Mark Andrews

I do not yet have a name for my fantasy team but I am comfortable with saying we are cutting down the nets. Congratulations in advance, everybody.

Who you got?