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Time To Riot - The Korean Soccer Club That Had Sex Dolls For Fans Is Getting A Record Fine And Might Lose Points Because Of It

[Source] - South Korea's FC Seoul have been fined a record 100 million Korean Won ($82,000) for "damaging the prestige and integrity of the league" after using sex dolls instead of mannequins to fill empty seats during a league match after the K-League.

Seoul, who beat Gwangju 1-0, could be docked a minimum of five points or face a fine of over £3,300, Yonhap said.

So I blogged this story back on Sunday. FC Seoul - a Korean soccer club - got busted filling their stands with sex dolls instead of regular mannequins. 

But look at the punishment! 100 million WON (which sounds way more than $82,000) just sounds excessive. I actually respect the fact it's 100 million won, just sounds way more intimidating than $82,000. But now they might lose 5 points? For what? Sex dolls! We're talking about sex dolls here! 

And the fact that this is all because someone on Twitter noticed it. Makes you think how well-versed that person is in sex dolls. But if he's a fan of FC Seoul's rival I can only respect the move. I said it in my original blog, you have to create any sort of homefield advantage that's possible. If that's dressing up some sex dolls as soccer fans so be it. There shouldn't be any rules against that. 

I want FC Seoul to say fuck it and not apologize. Put every seat in the stadium as a sex doll. It worked the first time around, a 1-0 win. Just keep winning games and deal with it. Need those losers who complain about sex dolls to step it up and let teams have true homefield advantages.