Looney Tunes Finally Weighs In On The Call Her Daddy Drama

For the past few days, there's only been one thing on everyone's minds. When will those cowards at Looney Tunes end their silence and finally weigh in on the Call Her Daddy Drama that has been dominating the Internet? 

Today, they chimed in at long last. 

They seem to be pro-Barstool, as clarified in a later tweet. 

Everyone is clearly trying to capitalize on the space that CHD has left behind (Call Him Mommy Episode 2 coming soon). I bet Granny has been around long enough to have some insane tales to tell on her podcast. We just have to keep her away from any power-hungry boyfriends that work in the media landscape, and this thing has legs. 

Let's recap a few highlights from the past week

-Elon Musk tells Dave to run for office

-Donald Trump (the President of the United States) retweets Dave

-The entire football world is focused on Coach Duggs 


-The New York Times is writing articles about Call Her Daddy

-And lastly, LOONEY TUNES is releasing CHD memes, promoting a potential new sex podcast about a cartoon grandmother.