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Must See Video: Construction Crew Keep Moving Their Crane to Literally Throw Shade on a Sunbather

While because of my crippling fear of heights respect for the laws of gravity, I could never be a crane operator. But I respect the hell out of them. It takes enormous amount of skill and balls to do their jobs, and without them, civilization as we know it would cease to function. Plus I've always believed that every boy whose grown up in the last 100 years or so goes through a phase where they play with toy trucks and wishes he could be working on the real thing someday, and these are the guys who made the dream a reality. The boy is father to the man, and all that.

And because of my crippling Irishness, I can't do all that much sunbathing. I come out of winter a sort of bluish translucence, like a jellyfish, and have to lay out in the sun for about two weeks straight just to get to white. But I respect the hell out of them too. Limited though I may be, laying in the sun doing nothing is one of my favorite leisure activities. 


But more than anything, I respect a harmless, immature and petty prank. Even when the victim  is guilty of nothing more than minding his own business. And this one is hilarious. Only God and the project manager knows how much money was being burned while this crane operator spends minutes out of his work day ruining this guys afternoon, but it was money well spent. The poor sap is like an ant being tortured by a kid with a magnifying glass, only in reverse. 

My only regret is that it ends after a couple of minutes because you get the sense it wasn't going to end any way other than Sunbather Guy storming off in frustration. And I'd pay to see that ending. Well done, good sirs. You are the reason there will always be an England.