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I Need To Be Friends With This LG Twins Superfan

Not having MLB baseball sucks. Every fan can at least agree with that. But the one thing that has been keeping my sanity alive has been the KBO and my diehard LG Twins fandom.

I thought I was diehard until I met this dude right here. I mean, I can't say I've ever seen passion like that before. We had Casey Kelly of the LG Twins on Section 10 a few weeks back, and we asked him what some of the biggest differences between the KBO and MLB were, and he mentioned the fans and the way that they support their teams. In Korea, players don't have walk-up songs but the fans have a song that they sing for every single player on the team. They also have smoke breaks in the middle of the fifth inning, which we need to look into.

Kelly talked about how fans in Korea are just super into the games. Here in America, if you look around at the crowd, everyone's on their phones during the game, having conversations with the person next to them. For me, I have to be on my phone for work, but I also think the conversations at the ballpark aspect is one of the great things about going to a ballgame. You get to connect with whoever you're at the game with, whether it's a life conversation or you're sharing your passion for the game of baseball with someone who has the same passion. But in Korea, it's all about the game. Everyone's locked in for all nine innings.


I'll tell ya what, as much as not having MLB to watch has sucked, the KBO has been a nice breath of fresh air in the meantime. If you haven't adopted a team yet, you're missing out. A lot of MLB fans have done a head-first dive into supporting a KBO team and baseball Twitter has been popping off at 1am for these games over there. You've got Red Sox, Dodgers, Padres and Yankees fans all banding together for their support of a KBO team. It's also definitely been an odd dynamic to have fans of your own MLB team going against you in terms of their KBO fan support, but it's been fun.

The fact that shithead Hubbs is a fan of the NC Dinos, a team that is currently 11-2, has made things real interesting, especially when you consider that one of those two losses came at the hands of the LG Twins in a game that the Dinos had a 6-0 lead in. It's not too late to catch the fever. Bandwagon's not full yet.