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Should Sofia Franklin Pull A Meredith Grey All Over Call Her Daddy’s Ass?

Twist and turns and twists and turns. One day, you gotta just decide what you want. In the words of longtime Stoolie B-Rabbit, ain’t no such thing as halfway crooks half-measures. 

Sofia has to call Dave and Alex and say she’s all in and dare Pres and Alex to meet her at Joes. Don’t answer now, you two. Just meet her at Joes, not Joes Crabshack tho.

I hate that I love this drama. I hate it and I love it like I’m standing outside the ole blogging factory with a stereo over my head kinda way. As the old saying goes (that I made up), Barstool is like SNL and Sportscenter had a baby together and then that baby grew up, got hot, got 5million followers on Instagram and then had a baby with a kardashian. We are that baby, babies... or daddies? I got lost in my own analogy. We’ll get em next time.