Heidi Klum Had a Hair Stylist Wearing An Umbrella Come Put Highlights In Her Hair And People Were NOT Happy She Violated Social Distancing Rules

It's been months for most of us since we got our hair cut or hair dyed or whatever you do to your hair. For a guy like me who is gradually losing his hair, I don't mind it too much since growing out my mess up top actually hides it a bit. For someone like model legend Heidi Klum the situation is a little different. She finally decided to get some highlights in with from her mobile hair dresser. 

The process looks absolutely preposterous. We're rocking an umbrella with holes in it for her arms to come through. Just a stunning visual while of course Heidi is in lingerie. So much going on. Certainly violates social distancing and all that but you think Heidi Klum gives a fuck? No, she's Heidi Klum. 

As you may suspect, some of the internetters out there were not pleased with this tomfoolery. The replies to all of these are basically a snap shot of what it looks like on your parents' Facebook message boards when someone doesn't put their shopping cart away properly at the local grocery store. 

Was Heidi in the wrong? Listen I'm not going to be the one to say she was or wasn't, but I feel like we're not too far away from opening up barbershops and getting people back to work. As Dave said it in his viral video to America, we just need to let people do what they want to do so our economy can get going again. Do it safely obviously, but allow them to choose. If you're a barber or hair stylist or whatever you got to make money somehow. I can't imagine the countless number of shops that have had to close over the last few months because of zero business. If Heidi Klum asks you to come put highlights in her hair at her house you grab your hair stuff and your umbrella and zoom on over. 

Now obligatory Heidi Klum pics, an absolute legend. She's been bringing it for decades.