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The Nats Will Be Having A Virtual Ring Ceremony That Fans Can Watch Live Since They Don't Think Baseball With Fans Will Be Played This Year :(

MASN Sports - The Nationals had made it known they would not raise their championship banner or hand out World Series rings in an empty ballpark. No fans? No formal celebration of the franchise’s first title.

So Tuesday night’s announcement that the Nationals will be holding a virtual ring ceremony Sunday night, with players and coaches receiving their rings in the mail and then opening them up for the first time in a televised Zoom chat, surely caught a lot of people off guard.

What happened to waiting for fans to be part of the celebration?

Well, it had become clear that would not be possible in 2020. If there’s one broader takeaway from this announcement, here it is: The Nats recognize any games played this year will be played without fans in attendance.

The good news is that everyone can participate together (on computer screens, unfortunately), and all fans can watch live on MASN, MLB Network or

This has turned into an unprecedented year for the sport and for the world at large. Might as well hand out championship rings in a completely unprecedented manner.

Well this is a bummer. Big time bummer. Kind of the antithesis of what I just wrote about in my previous blog about how the future is now. I wrote on and on about how technology has made the world better and we should use that going forward. But then there are the parts of it that just bum you out. And this is one. A virtual ring ceremony. Ugh. Fuckkkkk thatttt. That's when I remember how much this whole thing sucks. Fucking coronavirus. Fucking quarantine. About twice a day something strikes me and I get...not sad, but...frustrated. Sorta angry. Like just how much this whole thing sucks. 

Nothing beats the electricity of a full stadium or arena of everyone going nuts. The chills, the noise, the excitement of it all. And now it's relegated to freaking ZOOM. That stinks on ice.

And you know what? We're not talking enough about how easy the Astros are getting off. Everyone in the world was so excited to see them get tortured all season long, and now that's not even happening. And if baseball does play without fans, it just won't be the same without 40,000 people boo'ing the ever living hell out of that team. Fuck coronavirus. God dammit.