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This Dude Who Got Arrested For Working Out Looks Exactly Like Someone Who Would Get Arrested For Working Out

Everything about this guy couldn't be more perfectly "Yeah, that's what I expected him to look like when I read the headline." It's more spot on then when you pictured what those four jabronis who got arrested for Tom Brady that one time and won't stop talking about it.

If Matt (how do I know his name? It's on is hat which matches his shirt) was obese then it wouldn't be funny, he'd be the guy trying to get his life together and that's to be commended. If he was in incredible shape, then I don't know maybe he's medically addicted to pushups and I'd leave him alone. But he's the EXACT gym bro you'd think would take this stand. Homemade cutsleeve, backwards hat, goatee popping out from under the N95, and a body that's either jacked or fat depending on what color shirt he wears that day. Huge arms from walking around with a gallon of some poisony colored drink and doing nothing but curls, a stomach that's usually covered up by a powerlifting belt tho you've never really seen him need it, you're not really sure if he works there or works out there but he's just always there. He's the perfect gym guy. 

That probably sounds like an insult but I don't even think it is. Every gym needs that guy. He's like a bodega cat, you don't go there FOR him but when he's not there it's a surprise and kind of a letdown. He's always good for a chuckle whether it's at him or with him, usually the former, and is a sympathetic enough character where you think, "He's a good dude, just needs some friends." 

So tip out a protein shake in Matt's favor tonight. I appreciate his sacrifice and I hope he's getting a good prison pump in with a bunch of pushups tonight. But no prison squats, because fuck leg day.