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The Complete Highlights From Bill Walton's Reddit AMA

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Hi I’m Bill Walton. I am a retired basketball player-turned-sportscaster and I am solar advocate for NRG Home Solar. Learn what I’m doing for Earth Hour (March 28th) and what you can do also. Here’s a video live from my solar powered teepee.

I played for John Wooden on the UCLA Bruins, winning two Division 1 national titles. I then played in the NBA, won 2 Championships and was an MVP.

I love my bike, I love my dog Cortez, I love my wife Lori, and I love the sun!

Thanks everybody, I gotta go, there’s a volcano about to erupt and I have to go make sure that Cortez and the teepee are going to be okay. Thanks for your patience. We will see you on the other side. Pray for better weather and more shows.



What better way to close out an incredible season of “Last Night In Bill Walton…[A BarstoolU Original]” than with a Reddit AMA of the man, the myth, the legend himself?


Start off with maybe the most important question of the session…

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Classic Walton.  He’s a lover not a fighter Leaves, everybody knows that.  You think a guy broadcasting live from a solar powered teepee is going to engage in a knife fight with a great American president?


Have to get a ranking of best Dead albums…

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Trick question, the answer is #1) All of them. People who rank things don’t know how to love life.


For a serious opinion on paying college athletes…

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Actually an incredible answer.


Tell us more about that teepee Bill…


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What’s Bill Walton all about?  In 5 words:  dog, wife, jacuzzi, bike, teepee.


Bill tell us about the volcano!

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God he is literally soooooo high.


What do you order at In N Out?

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More.  Great answer.  Munchies like a motherfucker.


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Bill can you clarify those MJ comments?
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Cbh523’s face on a poster.


Also Kevin McHale right up on that poster with him.

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And, of course, as posted yesterday, the story of being milked.

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