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Coronavirus Takes Down Coach Ditka's Steakhouse In Chicago

What the fuck?

We were told Ditka would beat a hurricane and now here he is having to close a location of his restaurant because of Coronavirus? I'm absolutely sick over it. Iron Mike shouldn't be losing anything in this town due to the COVID. He should be leading us out of the tunnel once it's done by dropping new menu items/steak deals right in it's fucking face. Such a bad beat in a deflated city/country at this point.

On a serious note though I really really liked Ditka's. I think it could hang with any steakhouse in the city so I'm sad to see it go even if there's still a location in Oakbrook. I'm also just fascinated by NFL coach/executive steakhouses in general. I know Shula's is obviously popular in Miami and it has a Chicago location as well. I've seen an Elway's in the Denver airport too. I know there's a Vince Young Steakhouse in Texas that is still going strong which is kind of puzzling. Who's the next person that needs a dynamite spot? Gotta be Belichick, right?

I hope my guy who sings Sinatra upstairs, John Vincent is doing OK.