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Chelsea's Coaching Staff Is Getting In Trouble For Breaking Quarantine To Sign An EIGHT (8!!!) Year Old

[Source] - CHELSEA reminded two members of staff of their responsibilities after they reportedly broke lockdown rules to sign two eight-year-olds.

Saturday was the first day clubs could sign players for under-9 football next season and the West Londoners are said to have flaunted lockdown rules in order to get there first.

I know that soccer over in England is just fucking insane, but I had no idea there were under-9 teams associated with major clubs. Don't get me wrong, I understand the youth system and academy system but under-9? If my son isn't good enough to have coaches break quarantine rules as an 8-year old, then he's failed me. No other way to put it. I don't care if he's just 8 months old right now, it's time to start training. 

This is the ultimate story though if you're the dad for one of these kids. You're sitting around with the other dads and one of them mentions how Johnny was so good at this one thing. You get to respond 'oh yeah? My kid caused Chelsea's staff to get in trouble because they wanted to sign him as an eight-year old.' You win that argument every time. 

How do you even start these negotiations? I actually want to know what an 8-year olds demands are vs the parents. I assume the 8-year old is like yeah I'll sign with Chelsea if I have no bed time, unlimited snacks and can eat ice cream for breakfast. I actually want to listen in on a negotiation between an 8-year old and someone on staff at a major soccer club. 

Now if you excuse me, I need to go train a child to be good at soccer.