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While We're All Focused On Finding A Cure For Everything, Can We Finally Put An End To Swamp Ass?

Obviously finding the cure for COVID-19 is the top priority right now. Not that the whole country should remained closed until a cure is found, but a cure would be pretty dope regardless. 

So anyway, we've got all these science nerds working around the clock trying to figure out the cure to this thing. The entire world is working on it. So would it really be that big of a deal if we just borrowed like 4 or 5 of them to try to find a cure for swamp ass real quick? Because that's the real pandemic here and it's been ravaging its way through civilization for centuries now. 

Swamp ass doesn't care about age, race, class, religion, whatever. Swamp ass doesn't give a single shit about any of it because swamp ass is inevitable all the same. Or at least until we do something about it. 

Again, I really don't think it would take any more than 4 or 5 of the world's best doctors to come together and cure this wretched disease. They'd be back to fighting the coronavirus in a week's time. Just find the cure and I'll gladly sign up for the first round of trial vaccinations. I feel like the only people holding us back from this medical breakthrough is Big Baby Powder. Those corporate fat cats over at Johnson & Johnson means that the end of swamp ass means potential doom for them. But enough is enough already. We've made so many advances medically and technologically as a society, yet our asses sweat just as much as George Washington's and Thomas Jefferson's. That shouldn't sit well with anybody, especially considering you're not sitting well in the first place with an ass full of sweat.