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A Genealogy Website And A Trash Can - The CRAZY Story Of How Someone Got Arrested For Crimes 20+ Years Ago Because A Family Member Wanted To Find Out Their Heritage

[WCPO] - DNA technology is a real-life game changer for local law enforcement, and it recently led to the arrest of an alleged serial rapist in Cincinnati whose crimes date back to the mid-1990s.

Brown flew under the radar in Cincinnati for years, until someone in his family sent their DNA to a genealogy website to explore their family roots.

Prosecutor Deters says DNA in Brown’s trash confirmed the match to a DNA profile assembled years ago.

And here is your very next Netflix special. There are very few things hotter in the Netflix streets or anything like that than true crime stories and docs like that. Everyone watches, comes away with whether we think the person is innocent or guilty, etc. And now we're about to get that with Stoney Brown. 

Stoney Brown has allegedly committed a bunch of heinous crimes - rape, burglary and kidnapping from the mid-1990s. He just got arrested 5 days ago. 


For those not familiar with Cincinnati - the Clifton area is where the University of Cincinnati is located and that area. He allegedly would break into people's houses to commit the crimes. Again this is the mid-1990s. One of his family members decided they wanted to see what their heritage was and sent in DNA to a genealogy website. 

“When we get genealogy information related to the Y chromosome and the male genealogy in the family tree, it helps us narrow down some of these suspects,” she said.

Cops were able to narrow down the suspects and showed up to Stoney's place and found something in the trash. They then used that DNA to attach him to the crimes. Do you know how fucking insane that is? I mean check out this timeline again: 

- Brown allegedly commits the crimes in the mid-1990s

- Cincinnati police can't find someone for the crimes, put a John Doe in the system in 2008

- Family member sends in DNA 

- Cops find a way to get the DNA and limit the suspects 

- They happened to find DNA in the trash at Brown's place

That's straight out of a Netflix story.