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Laugh Out Loud Funny Video Of A Construction Worker Messing With A Dude Trying To Get A Sun Tan

In today's day and age, it's hard to find a good video of someone intentionally fucking with another person and having it remain funny. You have idiots like Crocs kid dumping cereal and shit all over a subway car and thinking that's a funny prank. THIS. THIS is a funny prank. 

Just a dude tryin to catch a couple of UV rays from the big ball of fire at the center of the entire universe and one man, a man with a joystick that is attached to some wires that are attached to some chain and metal, is fucking with yoga mat-carrying sun-worshipper and it's beautiful to see. 

It's perfect. The English accent and giggles made me so happy and that was before I even finished my first tall glass of coffee. That's special, folks. This video is special. I'm glad we all got to enjoy it together.