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Spotify's Multi-Year Contract For Joe Rogan Is Worth A LOT Of Money

No reason to speculate anymore. We now know how much Rogan got from Spotify. 


The craziest part? Rogan isn't the #1 podcast on Apple right now. Call Her Daddy is. 


Apple's podcast rankings are based upon recent downloads, subscribers, etc. No one quite knows the exact formula. That being said, it's crazy to think the biggest radio/podcast star since Howard Stern signed for $100 million on a day that he was behind Call Her Daddy on the podcast charts. 

Rogan will be the press secretary in the cabinet of Portnoy/Musk 2024. 

P.s. Sofia & Alex can't be feeling good. They (sorta) rejected a deal that would've given them their IP in 12 months and then the NEXT day the podcast that they typically top on the charts, when a new episode is released, got 100 MILLION DOLLARS.