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Would I Have Washboard Abs In This Parallel Universe NASA Has Apparently Found?

In a scenario straight out of “The Twilight Zone,” a group of NASA scientists working on an experiment in Antarctica have detected evidence of a parallel universe — where the rules of physics are the opposite of our own, according to a report.

The finding implies that these particles are actually traveling backward in time, suggesting evidence of a parallel universe, according to the Daily Star.

Uhhhh what? We're talking parallel universes now? Like space time continuum and shit? I thought I'd be done hearing big words like that once the Avengers returned all the infinity stones to their rightful spots in history yet here we are again.

And I'm here for it! What else do we gotta do outside of dreaming what this parallel universe can look like, eh?  

“We’re left with the most exciting or most boring possibilities,” said Ibrahim Safa, who also worked on the experiment.

If we're talking the most exciting possibilities I have my mind set on a world where the dinosaurs are still kicking & have been domesticated into household pets, beer prices at sporting events are cheaper, and there's those people movers that we have at airports in our universe on every sidewalk. And on the boring possibility forefront I'm just saying it's gotta be our exact world we live in today, but no one figured out how to work electricity yet. There ain't no more of a boring possibility than that. Give me electricity or give me death. 

In all seriousness though what could be going on over there? Is there another Glenny Balls over that runs slow, reviews salads, and has washboard abs? I have NO IDEA, although I'd love to find out. And more importantly if you know any sort of actual scientific info about this please DM it to me on Twitter as I am both interested in this and very dumb. Thank you for your time.